Resorcity Pass For Agencies

Resorcity is a civic engagement platform that forges stronger connections between government, businesses and residents in cities across the U.S.

Get your city connected

Thanks to the success of our pilot program in Coral Gables, we are developing an expanded pilot program for select agencies in Florida.

Incentivize and reward pro-community activities
Incentivize local-business support, community service, and civic engagement with a versatile easy-to-use rewards system.
Help support local business as a host agency
Resorcity’s reward system is available for free to all businesses located within a host agency’s jurisdiction.
Get important data to better serve your city
In addition to being able to engage directly with residents and guests alike, host agencies enjoy read-access to program activity such as promotion, reward, and point tracking from all participating businesses.
Vince Lago
Vice Mayor, Coral Gables
Resorcity harnesses a city’s strengths – its residents, businesses and resources – to help communities thrive. This platform could very well be the vehicle to spark the economy and empower people to get involved, two things we need right now.
Aura Reinhardt
Executive Director, Coral Gables Business Improvement District
We’re excited by the opportunities that Resorcity creates for local businesses. Connecting with new customers, expanding their visibility and building repeat customer loyalty will surely bring value to all businesses and energy to our city. We’re committed to supporting Resorcity because we see the value it brings to the Gables.
Mark A. Trowbridge
President, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce
We are pleased to partner with Resorcity on this project – especially at this challenging time for companies and consumers alike – as we come together in the name of helping our Coral Gables’ businesses survive and thrive. The timing could not be more perfect
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